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Are you Protected?

All new Credit/Debit cards, Passports & Office keys are using radio-frequency chips for easy accessibility. In 2015 there are still huge vulnerabilities in this technique that puts your information at risk. Are your cards and passport protected?


Personal RFID Protection

Personal RFID Protection Protect yourself from electronic pickpocketing

Vulnerabilities of RFID/Contactless Cards

Vulnerabilities of RFID/Contactless Cards Your details can be stolen without your knowledge

They walk close to you

They walk close to you Hackers' devices can collect data from 7 meters away

Criminals aren't obvious anymore

Criminals aren't obvious anymore Thieves become smarter with high-tech

  • This year, 70% of credit cards will be vulnerable to digital pickpocketing.
  • Hackers collect the card number, expiry date, and list of your last 10 transactions.
  • RFID chips are increasing in popularity. Protecting your information today requires more than it has in the past.

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